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The Registrar may audit LBPs’ relicensing applications and require the LBP to submit any supporting documents, evidence and/or referee(s) the Registrar considers necessary. For example, as part of an audit of the information provided by an LBP to demonstrate current competence, the Registrar may request evidence that the activities recorded in the Skills Maintenance records were undertaken.

This is to confirm that the information being submitted is accurate and to satisfy the Registrar that the LBP has demonstrated current competence.

Keep evidence of your activities

It’s important that you keep evidence of Skills Maintenance (learning activities), in case your record is audited.

Keep your evidence in a safe and secure place.

If audited, you may also be asked to provide referees who can confirm that you are still working in the industry. 

You’ll be notified if you’re selected

If you’re selected for auditing, the Registrar will send you written notice. This notice will explain the process, including what you need to provide. 

What we consider as evidence

For examples of evidence, see ‘Keeping records’.

Last updated 2 December 2016