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The Registrar has the ability to audit skills maintenance and can require a LBP to submit any supporting documents, evidence, and/or referee(s) the Registrar considers necessary. For example, as part of an audit, you could be asked to produce evidence that the activities recorded in the skills maintenance record were undertaken.

Read what we consider as evidence for more information on what evidence you may need to provide.


You’ll be notified if you’re selected

If you’re selected for audit, the Registrar will send you written notice in advance of the audit. This notice will explain the process, including what information you need to provide.

If you are audited, you may also be asked to provide referee/s who can confirm that you are still working in the industry.


What we consider as evidence

We might ask to see evidence of your learning activities as part of a skills maintenance audit, so be sure to keep some evidence for a minimum of two years after submitting.

You should make a habit of adding a date your evidence if it doesn’t already have a date on it. Having evidence on hand and ready to go will make it easy to respond if your record is ever audited.

The following are examples of the types of documentation you could use as skills maintenance evidence:

  • photos
  • records or certificates of work
  • inspection records
  • diploma or certificate from a formal educational institution
  • email or letter from the person who organised or paid for the activity
  • printed web page or photo of a publication cover
  • notices, notes or printed material from a meeting, workshop, lecture or discussion group
  • the link or URL to an online training course
  • diary notes or documentation for on the job training. You could keep a record and make notes every time you attend a work induction or are mentored by someone you can learn from
  • details of when and where you supervised an apprentice in training (include the apprentice’s name and training number)
  • workplace safety certificates, minutes of meetings, attendance records
Last updated 19 September 2017