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How do I record and submit my skills maintenance?

Recording skills maintenance

You’ll need to record your learning activities and submit them when they are due. Skills maintenance can be audited so it’s important to keep accurate records of your learning. It’s also a good idea to keep other evidence of the learning activities you’ve done as well.

Read more about auditing skills maintenance.


Submitting skills maintenance record

Once you’ve completed all of your compulsory and elective activities, you need to submit your record of skills maintenance before you can be relicensed. There are three acknowledged methods or pathways to submit your skills maintenance.

The fastest and easiest method to submit your recorded skills maintenance is using the online through the LBP portal. However if this isn’t your preference, we offer some alternatives. You can read more detail here.

You can also submit skills maintenance online through the LBP portal if you complete a paper form, or if you record your skills maintenance through a third party app or website. You will just need to upload a copy of the skills maintenance diary document. Read about this process here.

Lastly, you can submit your skills maintenance and relicensing on paper, however this can be time consuming. Read about this option here.

Last updated 19 September 2017