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Keeping records

Remember to record your points (one hour of learning equals one point) and keep receipts and other evidence of the learning activities you’ve done.

Keeping good records will make it easier for you to relicense, or produce evidence if your record is audited. 


Keep a record of your points


You should get into the habit of regularly recording your learning activities through the LBP online system. You can access the LBP online system here.

[image] Button to login for LBP


To record Skills Maintenance points you are required to provide a brief description of the learning activity you have undertaken, and where/when it took place and how long the activity took.

You must ensure that you obtain the minimal number of points for your license class every two years. Your online Skills Maintenance record helps you keep track of how many points you require to meet your obligations.

Every second year, you must meet your Skills Maintenance requirements to be eligible to re-license.

If you do not have internet access to use the LBP online service you can either:


Keep receipts and other evidence


We might ask to see evidence of your Skills Maintenance learning activities, so keep receipts and other evidence that shows what you did. You should keep this evidence for a minimum of two years after submitting it.

Evidence includes receipts, information sheets, photocopies, notes, or any material used that indicates the learning activity.

Make a habit of signing and dating your evidence. Having evidence on hand and ready to go will make it easy to respond if your record is ever audited.


Examples of evidence


The following are examples of the types of documentation you may need to keep:

  • Diploma or certificate from a formal educational institution 
  • Email, fax or letter from the person who organised or paid for the activity
  • Printed web page or photocopy of a publication
  • Notices, notes or printed material from a meeting, workshop, lecture or discussion group 
  • Photocopy of the case of the training DVD you watched 
  • The link (URL) to an online training course
  • Diary notes or documentation for on-the-job training. You should keep a record and make notes every time you attend an work induction or are mentored by someone you can learn from.
  • Details of when and where you supervised an apprentice in training (include the apprentice’s name and training number)
  • Workplace safety certificates, minutes of meetings, attendance records.
Last updated 2 December 2016