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New Skills Maintenance Scheme

Guidance for Licensed Building Practitioners


The LBP scheme was established to make sure building practitioners like you have the right skills and knowledge needed to carry out or supervise restricted building work (RBW).

As you know, once you have been assessed and licensed as an LBP, it is your responsibility to ensure you continue to meet the minimum standard required to keep your license. Maintaining these standards keeps you up to date with industry practices and regulatory changes.

Useful Forms

If your On-the-Job Learning example relates to Restricted Building Work, you can fill out your Record of Work/Certificate of Work online in the new Skills Maintenance portal. This will give you the opportunity to retain the document as an example of On-the-Job learning.

Licensed Building Practioners new Skills Maintenance

An overview of the new scheme which takes effect 2 November.

Duration: 2.39 minutes




I’m Paul Hobbs, the Registrar for Licensed Building Practitioners at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Now we’ve put together a short video that we’d like you to watch, and it provides an overview of Skills Maintenance requirements for LBPs going forward.

Why have we made these changes? We wanted to make the Skills Maintenance requirements more meaningful and relevant to all the seven licence classes that fall in the scheme.

This video is a brief overview of upcoming changes to Skills Maintenance. These changes affect all licence classes.

In the old model, you had to complete elective activities then submit a declaration.

In the new scheme, there is a 50/50 mix of elective and compulsory activities.

Every LBP will need to read Codewords that are relevant to the licence class.

On-the-Job Learning records things you learn on a building project and lets you use these for Skills Maintenance.

Electives are opportunities for self-directed learning and are largely the same as the old scheme.

Every licence class is required to read Codewords (and answer the quiz for each edition) and record two ‘On-the-Job Learnings’ for each Skills Maintenance period.

The number of elective activities (which are activities that you choose) have been cut by 50%, to allow you to be more selective about how and what you learn.

Brick & Blocklaying, Carpentry, External Plastering, Foundations and Roofing licence holders need 12 points from elective activities that they choose.

Design or Site area of practice 1 need 15 elective points

Design or Site area of practice 2 & 3 need 18 elective points.

Points are calculated as they always have been, 1 hour of learning equals 1 point.

The new scheme will be rolled out from the 2nd November 2015, but not every LBP will start the new scheme then. Finish your current Skills Maintenance period as usual and then you’ll be notified, by a letter in the mail, when it’s time to roll in to the new scheme.

Guidance for LBPs about the upcoming changes is available now on the LBP website. We’ve also written guidance for training providers covering their responsibilities.

New icons for each licence class let you easily identify what information is relevant for your licence.

To make it easier to complete and record your Skills Maintenance requirements, we’ve created an online IT platform where you can record your Skills Maintenance activities and submit these directly to the Scheme. When you finish your current Skills Maintenance period and switch into the new scheme, you’ll be able to access this tool.

To find out more about the changes visit our website at

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Last updated 2 December 2016