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Elective activities

Elective activities have always been part of the scheme, and are unaffected by the changes to skills maintenance.

You need to complete a minimum number of hours of elective activities every two years. This page will tell you what activities you need to complete.

Elective activities are ones that you choose to undertake. They must relate to learning activities you’ve carried out (not just things that you’ve done) and they must be relevant to your licence class. A good elective activity is one that helps you maintain your professional skills and knowledge in relation to your licence class.

Here are some examples:

  • Supervising apprentices – you should only record supervision if you have learnt something new or refreshed your knowledge while supervising someone
  • Attending seminars, conferences, discussion groups and meetings where industry knowledge is shared
  • Researching or reading about applied building practice, methods and regulations in printed or online publications
  • Attending workshops or trade events relevant to your licence class
  • When you are introduced to a new way of working, a new system or new product
  • Receiving on-the-job training from a mentor, co-worker, manager, or an experienced practitioner
  • Mentoring newly licensed building practitioners or builders starting their building career. Learning by teaching is a good way to develop your skills, but remember you must be learning as well
  • Taking up formal industry-based educational study through tertiary institutions or associations
  • Performing a service to the industry (for example, being a member of the National Advisory Group or attending government initiated focus groups or workshops)
  • Learning about workplace safety

If you attend events or seminars put on by training providers or industry bodies, it might be useful to document that you attended the event and describe what some of the relevant learnings. Here is a form you can fill in to do this:


Last updated 9 January 2018