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On the job learning

Over the course of your two year skills maintenance period, you will need to show at least two examples of on the job learning relevant to your licence class(es).

Examples could include:

  • design and/or installation of a new cladding system
  • learning how to use a product or material that you haven’t used before
  • completing a job that was complicated by a feature you had not encountered before, such as a particular terrain, wind zone, or elevation.

Read our Codewords article about on the job learning for more information.


In the LBP Portal, you can fill in Records of Work and Certificates of Work forms (depending on your licence class). You can use these forms as examples of work you’ve done to record your on the job learning as it happens, then save these forms to the on the job section of your skills maintenance diary in the portal.

To use your saved record or certificate of work as an on the job learning example, you need to include some of the following details in a record the learning:

  • what work you completed on the job
  • problems or issues identified
  • lessons learned
  • new skills acquired
  • other information relevant to your learning.


To record your on the job learning on paper, you can use this form:


Here are some examples of records of on the job learning to assist:

Last updated 19 September 2017