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Your licence

As a Licensed Building Practictioner (LBP) you:

  • are listed on an online public register so consumers and potential employers can identify you as licensed
  • must act competently, and should recognise when other skills are required
  • are accountable to the Building Practitioners Board
  • relicense every year.


To remain competent, you need to

  • still be practising in an area related to your licence class
  • maintain current skills and knowledge – that is, stay up to date with materials and products, current regulations, and good trade practice.  


Every year, the Registrar makes contact with you about a month prior to your ID licence card expiring to ensure that you wish to remain licensed.

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Update your profile

An LBP must notify the Register within 10 working days of any change to any of the information he or she has provided to the Registrar that is contained in the public register.

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Suspend or cancel your licence

An LBP may suspend or cancel his or her licence(s) voluntarily.

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Apply for another licence class

You can apply for more than one licence in any of the seven licence classes.

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Use of logo

The Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) logo is the key element of the Licensed Building Practitioners scheme.

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Replacement licence card

A replacement licensed building practitioner idenitification card can be requested.

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Had a complaint

If you are a licensed building practitioner (LBP) and someone complains about your conduct or work you will be notified of the complaint and given an opportunity to respond.

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Last updated 10 October 2013