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2. Background

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2.1 On 27 February 2008, the Appellant submitted his application to the Registrar to be licensed as a Design – Class 1 Building Practitioner. The application was treated as complete on 27 February 2008 and the application proceeded to assessment (under Rule 11).

2.2 The application was assessed on 8 March 2008 and noted the Appellant’s letter attached to his application, explaining that he was unable to provide all of the documentation required by the checklist. The Assessor requested disclosure of information from the Appellant (under Rule 8). In particular, the Appellant was requested to provide details of minimum standard of competence (under Rule 4). The Appellant advised the Assessor that he had the relevant information on 18 March 2008, and the application proceeded to a face-to-face assessment (under Rule 11).

2.3 The assessment was completed by the Assessor on 31 March 2008, and a peer review was completed on 4 April 2008.

2.4 The Assessor recommended to the Registrar that the Appellant’s application should be declined (under Rule 11).

2.5 After taking into account the recommendation of the assessor and the requirements of section 286 of the Act, the Registrar decided to decline the application (under Rule 12).

2.6 On 4 July 2008, the Appellant was formally notified of the Registrar’s decision to decline the application, and of his right to appeal the decision within 20 working days (under Rule 13(3)).

2.7 On 25 July 2008 , the Appellant appealed to the Board against the Registrar’s decision and set out his grounds of appeal.


Last updated 11 May 2015