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7. Board’s Findings

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After due consideration of the Appellant’s submissions and evidence and the Registrar’s report, the Board found as follows:

7.1 It did not disagree with the assessment that the Appellant had demonstrated that he met the requirements of Competencies 1, 2, 3 and 5 of the Design 2 license.

7.2 In respect of the requirements for Competency 4, “Develop, design and produce drawings and documentation”, that the Appellant had not demonstrated to the Board that he could meet the requirements of the
Design 2 or Design 1 License. The Board considered that the drawings presented by the Appellant did not communicate the design requirements well and contained a number of errors.

7.3 The Board does not consider that the fact that a local authority accepts the designer’s documents as adequate for the purposes of issuing a building consent is, on its own, a sufficient demonstration of the competencies required for a Design License.

While this may represent that some of the indicators for Competency 4 may be met, an applicant for a Design License must demonstrate compliance with all competencies required by consistently meeting a sufficient number of performance indicators.

7.4 The Board was not satisfied by the Appellant’s submission that he had an appreciation of the limits of his competence and was only prepared to undertake work which was within those.

Last updated 11 May 2015