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BPB Appeal No. A1005

Appeal - Licenced Building Practitioner – Building Act 2004 – 17 December 2008 – Design 2 - 330(1)(a) reconsider application for licence – Appellant had not met standards for Competency 1 required by the Design 1 or 2 licence – had not met Competency 5 required by the Design 2 licence - knowledge of the regulatory environment lower than the level that is expected – did not demonstrate adequate knowledge on Construction Contracts Act 2002 – Appellant had no appreciation of the limits of his Competency – Registrar’s decision Confirmed - Licence denied

IN THE MATTER OF The Building Act 2004


IN THE MATTER OF An Appeal to the Building Practitioners’ Board under Section 330(1)(a) by Appellant A1005 against a decision of the Registrar



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Last updated 11 May 2015