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2. Background

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2.1 On 22 October 2010, The Appellant submitted his application to the Registrar to be licensed as a Design/Area of Practice 3 building practitioner. The application was treated as complete and was sent for assessment (under Rule 11) on 2 November 2010.

2.2 Assessment Systems Limited (ASL) reviewed the application and arranged an appointment for a face to face meeting for 2 December 2010. The assessment was completed by an Assessor on 6 November 2010, and a peer review of the assessment was conducted on 16 December 2010.

2.3 The Assessor recommended to the Registrar (under Rule 11) that The Appellant's application for the Design/Area of Practice 3 should be declined, and that a Design/Area of Practice 1 should be granted.

2.4 In regard to the Design/Area of Practice 3 application, the Assessor found that The Appellant did not meet the requirements for:

Competency 2: Manage the building design process. Competency 3: Establish design briefs and scope of work and prepare preliminary design. Competence 4: Develop design and produce construction drawings and documentation.

2.5 After taking into account the recommendation of the Assessor and the requirements of S.286 of the Act, the Registrar decided (under Rule 12) to decline the application for Design/Area of Practice 3, and grant Design/Area of Practice 1.

2.6 On 3 March 2011, The Appellant was formally notified of the Registrar's decision to decline his Design/Area of Practice 3 application and grant Design/Area of Practice 1. He was also advised of his right to appeal the decision within 20 working days (under Rule 13(3)).

2.7 On 21 March 2011, The Appellant appealed to the Board against the Registrar's decision, and set out his grounds for appeal.

Last updated 11 May 2015