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Current Skills Maintenance programme

The current skills maintenance requirement as an LBP is that you must obtain a specific number of skills maintenance points, dependant on your licence class(es). If your skills maintenance period ends before 2 November 2017, then you are in the current (or existing) Skills Maintenance Programme and you are in the right place for information on your obligations.


New Skills Maintenance Scheme

If your skills maintenance period ends after 2 November 2017, then you are in the new Skills Maintenance programme. For information on your obligations, go to New Skills Maintenance programme.

Skills Maintenance points can be obtained by carrying out a learning activity that relates to the competencies for your licence class.

You can view the licence class competencies here:


Learning activities

You choose the learning activities that best suit your needs and the requirements of your licencing class. You’ll probably find you do many of these activities as part of your day to day work already.

What makes a good learning activity

Activities need to familiarise or teach you about matters including:

  • Changes to the building regulations
  • Building materials 
  • New technology 
  • Good building design and construction 
  • Good business practices
  • Workplace safety
  • Keeping the public safe from financial and physical harm.

The best learning activities touch on a wide range of topics. They help you keep up with the changing building environment, regulations and homeowner expectations.

Ask yourself ‘Does this activity add to your working experience? Does it help you to do a better job?’ If the answer is yes, then it is a relevant learning activity.


Examples of learning activities

Remember to keep track of activities when you do them so you can include them in your skills maintenance records. Here are some examples of activities you can undertake:

  • Supervising apprentices - you can only claim points for supervision that has increased your own learning or knowledge.
  • Attending seminars, conferences, discussion groups and meetings where industry knowledge is shared.
  • Researching or reading about applied building practice, methods and regulations in printed or online publications.
  • Attending workshops or trade events relevant to your licence class.
  • When you are introduced to a new way of working, a new system or new product.
  • Receiving on-the-job training from a mentor, co-worker, manager, or an experienced practitioner.
  • Mentoring newly licensed building practitioners or builders starting their building career. Learning by teaching is a good way to develop your skills, but remember you must be learning as well, not just them!
  • Taking up formal industry-based educational study through tertiary institutions or associations.
  • Performing a service to the industry (for example, being a member of the National Advisory Group or attending government initiated focus groups or workshops).
  • Learning about workplace safety.


How many points do you need?

The number of points you need to collect over two years depends on the licensing class you hold. One hour of your learning equals one point.

Licensing class Minimum Points needed over 2 years
Carpentary, Brick and Blocklaying, External Plastering, Foundations and Roofing 24
Site and Design - area of practice 1 30
Site and Design - area of practice 2 or 3 36


If you hold more than one licence the highest point allocation applies. For example, if you are licensed in both Carpentry and Site – area of practice 2, you will need to record 36 points.

This works out to an average of 1 to 1 ½ hours of learning activities a month to maintain your skills.


Keeping records

Remember to record your points and keep receipts and other evidence of the learning activities you’ve done. Find out more about keeping your skills maintenance records up to date.

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Submitting your skills maintenance record

At the end of your two year period you must submit your skills maintenance record in order to be eligible for relicensing. Find out more about submitting your skills maintenance record.

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The Registrar randomly selects LBP relicensing applications for audit. He asks the LBP auditor to check their skills maintenance records, and requests evidence from the LBP that the activities recorded were undertaken. Find out more on auditing of skills maintenance records.

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Last updated 20 December 2016