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Getting licensed

The LBP scheme is one of the changes in the Building Act 2004 to encourage better building design and construction.

The public can have confidence that licensed building practitioners (LBPs) working on their homes and buildings are competent, and that homes and buildings are designed and built right the first time.

Licensing promotes, recognises and supports professional skills and behaviour in the building industry. Over time, the emphasis on education and training, along with better career pathways, will increase.

The scheme is competency based. Competent builders and tradespeople with a good track record can have their skills and knowledge formally recognised, whether they are trade-qualified or not. A number of people without formal trade qualifications have already been assessed as competent and have their licences.

Why get licensed?

The licensed building practitioner scheme was established under the Building Act 2004.

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The LBP Licensing Classes

The licensed building practitioner (LBP) scheme includes seven licensing classes based on specific roles or occupations that are crucial to a building's performance.

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Building categories

The LBP scheme uses three building categories to identify how applicants should be assessed and to provide a scope for the licence classes.

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How much will my licensing application cost

When you apply to become an LBP you will need to pay the fees.

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Apply for licensing

Before applying to become licensed you should read the licensing competencies within the LBP Rules.

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Australian licence holders

If you’re an Australian building practitioners and want to work in New Zealand you will need to have a qualification that is recognised to undertake restricted building work. That is, building and design work which is critical to the structure and weathertightness of the building.

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If your application is declined

You can appeal to the Building Practitioners Board (the Board) if the Registrar decides to suspend or cancel your licence, or has declined your application. The Board hears appeals about the Registrar’s licensing decisions.

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Last updated 31 July 2017