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The LBP Licensing Classes

The licensed building practitioner (LBP) scheme includes seven licensing classes based on specific roles or occupations that are crucial to a building's performance. These licence classes represent broad types of work that a person is competent and licensed to undertake. LBPs must not carry out or supervise Restricted Building Work that is outside of their licensing class. You can apply to be licensed in more than the one licence but you must be able to demonstrate that you are competent in each class you apply for.

You can read information on what you have to show to become licensed here:




 Carpentry fact sheet [282 KB PDF]


 Roofing fact sheet [123 KB PDF]

External plastering

 External plastering fact sheet [367 KB PDF]

Brick and Blocklaying

 Brick and Blocklaying fact sheet [367 KB PDF]


 Foundations fact sheet [122 KB PDF]


What is an Area of Practice?

All licence classes except for Carpentry include ‘Areas of Practices’ (AoPs). AoPs are specialised types of work within the scope of a licensing class that require specific competencies, skills or experience. AoPs allow building practitioners to demonstrate their competence in a specialist area as part of obtaining their LBP licence.

Once licensed as an LBP you are not restricted to working within your AoP, LBPs can undertake all work covered by their licence class, but must only undertake work they are competent to do.

As an LBP you are expected to recognise when supervision or other skills are required.

Which Design area of practice should I apply to be assessed in?

There are three areas of practice for the Design licence but you only need to be assessed in one. You should have sound knowledge of and practical experience in designing the building categories that relate to the area of practice you are applying to be assessed in.

The Design areas of practice relate to the three categories of buildings. You can read more about the building categories via this link:

Building Categories

Which Site area of practice should I apply to be assessed in?

You should apply for the area of practice that best reflects the category of building you coordinate or manage. You should have sound knowledge and practical experience in the building categories for your area of practice.

If you... should apply for this area of practice
Coordinate and oversee the construction or alteration of Category 1 buildings Site AoP 1
Coordinate and oversee the construction or alteration of Category 1, 2 and 3 buildings Site AoP 2
Manage some or all of the construction or alteration of Category 1, 2 and 3 buildings Site AoP 3


In the sub trade licence classes the AoP relates to specific building materials. You can read a list of these here:

  • Concrete or clay tile roof
  • Profiled metal roof and wall cladding
  • Metal tile roof
  • Roof membrane
  • Torch on roof membrane
  • Liquid membrane roof
  • Shingle or slate roof
External Plastering
  • Solid Plastering
  • Proprietary Plastering Cladding System (PPCS)
Brick and Blocklaying
  • Brick/Masonry veneer
  • Structural Masonry
  • Concrete foundation walls and concrete slab-on-ground
  • Concrete or timber pile foundations


Last updated 9 August 2017