Builders fined for poor workmanship

Two Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) have been held to account by the Building Practitioners Board (the Board) for their poor and negligent workmanship on house projects including foundations.

LBP Andrew Musson has been ordered to pay $6,000 by the Board, after finding his actions brought the LBP scheme into disrepute. The Board found Mr Musson was also accountable for negligent building work, building work that did not comply with a building consent, failure to provide a record of work and failure to abide by a High Court order with respect to the project.

Paul Hobbs, Registrar LBP Scheme says “The seriousness of Mr Musson’s actions, which included altering the foundation design of the building, performed by an engineer, by removing structural piles without consultation from the Building Consent Authority, was taken into account by the Board when handing down the decision.

"Mr Musson failed to amend plans after significant defects occurred, and continued with the work.

"The Board understands that issues can arise during a build but LBP’s should aim to get it right the first time by using the appropriate planning and processes."

The Board also penalised LBP Peter Van Der Suis $5000 for being responsible for negligent building work, which included defects in foundation height from work that was completed under his supervision.

Paul says Mr Van Der Suis was engaged in a 'labour-only' contract, which means that although the homeowner was responsible for the management of subcontractors, Mr Van Der Sluis was not absolved of his LBP responsibilities.

This is an important reminder to LBP’s that care must be taken when entering arrangements such as labour only contracts, so that a LBP does not incur disciplinary action as a result of supervising others who carry out substandard work.”