Apply for licensing

Before applying to become licensed, you should read the licensing competencies within the LBP Rules. These will identify the type of residential building work you will need to show to become licensed.

The easiest way to apply to become an LBP is to apply online(external link)

For most classes of licensing, there are three pathways to apply to become an LBP:

  1. Qualified application
  2. Standard application
  3. Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement (TTMRA)

Making an application

The easiest way to apply to become an LBP is to apply online. There are six steps to the licence application process:

  1. Obtain a RealMe Login – if you already have a RealMe login use that.
  2. Work out what type of application you need to make - the types of application are described in full below.
  3. Provide Information – tell us about yourself and your qualifications (and experience if it is a Standard application).
  4. Pre-assessment – check to see if you’re ready.
  5. Certify and pay – submit your application.
  6. Assessment – an assessor will contact you to discuss your application.

The Registrar needs detailed information about you and your qualifications / experience before considering your licence application, so don’t feel like you have to complete your application in one sitting. We encourage you to commence your application when you feel you’re nearly ready to be become licensed and to continue your application over time. Your information will be saved until you are ready to complete and submit your application.

Getting started on your application will assist you to identify any gaps you need to address in preparation for assessment. 

Types of application

Withdraw an application

If you wish to withdraw an application you have submitted you will need to complete the below form.