Certified Documents

To become a licensed building practitioner (LBP), or continue to be licensed, building practitioners must comply with The Licensing Building Practitioners Rules 2007 (the rules). LBP licensing applications can be made electronically or by paper-based applications to the Registrar, information that must be provided for a licence application is set out in Part 7 of the rules.

The Licensing Building Practitioners Rules 2007 [PDF, 2.9 MB]

*Please note Paper-Based LBP applications will take longer to process.

What is a Certified Document?

A Certified document is a copy of the original document that has been confirmed with a formal statement as true and authentic by an approved person.

The certified document must include the details of the approved person who certified it, including their name, their role and location. The approved person must sign and date the document being certified. Please do not send us your original documents.

The following documents should be certified when submitting them as part of your application to become a Licensed Building Practitioner:

  • Identity Documents – a valid and current copy of your Passport, Driver’s Licence (both sides) or Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (name change) – if applicable
  • Name Change Certificate – if applicable
  • Overseas Registrations – if applicable
  • These must be certified – Documents associated with:
    • Academic qualification/s,
    • Trade or technical experience or knowledge of the applicant

*Identity Documents MUST be certified for a paper-based LBP application.

Who is an approved person?

In New Zealand:

What if I am not in New Zealand?

If you are outside of New Zealand, documents can be certified by:

  • New Zealand Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate staff – you can find a New Zealand Embassy overseas or Foreign Representatives to New Zealand here:
    Embassies(external link) – New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Notary Public
  • Apostilles
  • Commissioner of Oaths

Statutory Declaration – TTMRA Only

A Statutory Declaration is required for applicants applying under the Recognition of Australian Licence category – Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997 (TTMRA).

Statutory Declaration is an affirmation of an oral statement declaring that the written contents are true and signed in front of an authorised person. A Statutory Declaration is a legally binding document that can be used for legal proceedings under:

The Statutory Declarations Act 1959(external link) applies when the declaration is made in Australia.

The Oaths and Declarations Act 1957(external link) applies when the declaration is made in New Zealand.

Who is an authorised person?

In Australia:

If you are in Australia, you can complete a Statutory Declaration and get your documents certified by:

  • Justice of Peace
  • A solicitor with the High Court
  • Notary Public
  • Commissioner of Oaths
  • Or other person authorised to take Statutory Declaration in Australia

In New Zealand:

*Certified Document example: Certified NZ Driver Licence by a Justice of Peace (JP)

Image of New Zealand Drivers licence

LBP ID - Photo Requirements

As of October 2022, plastic IDs are no longer issued.

When applying through the LBP Portal we can accept digital photos that are uploaded as part of the application process.

LBP Portal(external link)

If submission is done via paper-based application forms, you must provide 2 x passport quality photos (physical copies) which are verified.

Verified Photos – for paper-based applications only

To verify a document, a person needs to confirm the copy of the document provided is the same as the original.

Under Part 7(g) of the rules, applicants must submit 2 verified passport photographs with your paper-based application only. The verifier must provide their details in the application form and must:

  • Have known you for at least 12 months and;
  • Not be related to you or part of your family group and
  • Not be living at the same address as you.

Part 7(g) of The Licensing Building Practitioners Rules 2007 [PDF, 2.9 MB]

*You can upload your photo for LBP online applications via your LBP Portal. Uploaded photos must be in JPG or JPEG format and do not need to be verified.

LBP Portal(external link)

Please note that paper-based applications will take longer to process than applications submitted through you LBP Portal.

* You do not need to submit a new photo with a renewal/relicensing application.

Your photo must meet the requirements below:

Checklist for ID Photo

  • 3.5cm x 4.5cm in size, full colour, empty background
  • Photo must be less than 12 months old 
  • Plain, light coloured background ONLY
  • No use of filters or altering the original photo
  • No shadows and/or dark lighting
  • Between 50KB to 5MB in size
  • No sunglasses, glasses with tinted lenses OR headwear that obscures your face (unless you wear one for religious or medical reasons)
  • Include your face, head, and shoulders. Looking straight into the camera and no Photoshop

*Remember this photo will be displayed on your digital LBP ID card and appear on the LBP Public Register.

LBP Public Register(external link)

You can check if your photo meets the requirement here:

Online photo checker(external link) – New Zealand passports