Complaint decisions – February 2024

The Building Practitioners Board hear and investigate complaints made against Licenced Building Practitioners (LBPs) about unsatisfactory work or breaches of the LBP code of ethics. The outcome of each complaint is published this website.

Case 1

The Respondent committed an offence under sections 317(1)(b) of the Act. In this case, the Respondent was engaged as a real estate agent to sell properties. The Board found that the Respondent’s involvement in the project was more than just that of providing real estate services. The Respondent had taken on a project management role and was directing the construction of a retaining wall.

The Board also found that the Respondent’s conduct was not of an acceptable standard, evidenced by the failures of the retaining wall, the impacts on the Complainant’s property and the failure to follow the resource consent requirements incorporated into the building consent.

The Respondent is fined $1,500, censured, and ordered to pay costs of $3,500.

Brian Horisk

The Respondent breached the Code of Ethics for LBPs. The Respondent emailed and sent texts to the Complainant, demanding payment, which were expressed in abusive and threatening terms. The Board found that the Respondent’s actions were designed to harass the Complainant. As such, the Board found that there had been breaches of the Code of Ethics.

The Board ordered the Respondent to attend specified training within 6 months of the date of this decision. If the Respondent fails to do so, his licence will be suspended for 12 months or to the date he completes the required training, whichever is earlier.

The Board also ordered that the Respondent pay costs of $3,500.

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