Complaint C2-01111 – substantive

  • Complaint number: C2-01111
  • Region: Omitted
  • Licence class: Carpentry, Site 2
  • Decision date: 2 July 2015
  • Disciplinary grounds: 317(1) b Negligent or incompetent work 317(1) d Work not compliant with building consent 317(1) i Conduct likely to bring the regime into disrepute
  • Summary: The Respondent, as the owner of three properties in question, added an additional bedroom to each of the three properties by converting a living space after a Code Compliance Certificate had been issued for consented building work. This is contrary to the District Plan which sets a maximum number of habitable rooms. The Respondent did not obtain resource or building consents for this work. The Board found the Respondent’s action to deliberately circumvent the District Plan to bring the LBP regime into disrepute along with negligence and incompetence as the work also required a building consent. The Board invited submissions from the Respondent before issuing a penalty decision.

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