Be more secure online with 2FA

CERT NZ’s latest campaign is focussed on helping small businesses, who are often time poor and not always super tech savvy, protect their online accounts with two-factor authentication (2FA).

CERT NZ’s data shows that in the first quarter of this year, over 65% of compromised accounts reported to us could have been protected if they had two-factor authentication in place. Internationally, the consensus is 99% of account compromise attacks can be thwarted with 2FA.

CERT NZ went out and interviewed a local builder who shared his story on how using 2FA made a real difference in his business.

Case study

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“2FA has reduced the risk of fraud and losing financial data.” Tom, sole trader

I’ve learned that just by doing some of the simple stuff, like using long passwords and 2FA, my business is more protected.

I’ve been operating for just over two years. I have a few apprentice staff every now and then, but ultimately, at the moment, I’m a one-man business.

I rely heavily on my cell phone to project manage my workload and my tablet to pay all my invoices and run my business through multiple applications online. I store all my credit cards, bank accounts and trade account details on my device.

There are lots of payment systems involved so it’s important that all that data is secure, and I can trust the apps and devices I’m using to secure that information.

Online attacks are becoming so common in our industry, but many could be avoided with some simple changes to how we do things.

I do a lot of handling of money and banking for my clients so if I made a payment to the wrong person, or my bank account was accessed by someone else, it’s my responsibility. I would have to explain that to my clients, and risk losing money and reputation.

I used to trust that the pin on my phone was enough to keep people out, but I’ve been improving my cyber security as I learn more about it. 2FA reduces the risk of fraud and losing financial information.

It’s one of the first steps in securing my accounts. I now feel better that when I log in I get prompted to add the 2FA code. Also, when I get a notification saying “someone has tried to log in” or receive a random text with a 2FA code, I know that someone has tried to get access to my account but failed because they can’t get past 2FA.

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By Jodie Kerr, Advisor, Engagement and Communications at CERT NZ — Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment