Wayne Burroughs to be LBP Registrar

After four and half years as the Registrar Building Practitioner Licensing, Paul Hobbs is handing the tool belt over to Wayne Burroughs.

During Paul’s time as Registrar, there have been many successes and improvements including the Scheme celebrating the 30,000th LBP, rolling out a new skills maintenance framework and Paul has been a judge for the Registered Master Builders Apprentice of the Year competition several years in a row.

Paul will remain focussed on the building regulatory system, continuing as the Manager of the Building Systems Assurance team.

The Scheme is in safe hands with Wayne, who brings a wealth of regulatory experience to the Registrar role.

Wayne has been the General Manager of MBIE’s Integrated Regulatory Compliance Branch for the past three years. In this role, he became familiar with the issues facing LBPs and the broader building industry through the compliance operations run in the Auckland building industry.

Wayne takes on the Registrar role in an interim capacity from 21 January 2019 until mid-May 2019.