Complaint C2-01105 - substantive

  • Complaint number: C2-01105
  • Region: Omitted
  • Licence class: Carpentry, Site 1
  • Decision date: 11 September 2015
  • Disciplinary grounds: 317(1) b Negligent or incompetent work 317(1) d Work not compliant with building consent
  • Summary: 317(1)(b) Negligent or incompetent work - 317(1)(d) Work not compliant with building consent - 317(1)(i) Conduct likely to bring the regime into disrepute – negligent supervision of building project - Respondent allowed original builder to use his LBP licence - some of the work did not meet the Building Code or NZS 3604 - 317(1)(b) upheld - 317(1)(d) upheld.

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