Complaint C2-01797 - substantive

  • Complaint number: C2-01797
  • LBP number: BP116153
  • Region: Taranaki
  • Licence class: Carpentry, Site 1
  • Penalty: 318(1)f Pay fine 318(4) Pay costs
  • Disciplinary grounds: 317(1) b Negligent or incompetent work 317(1) d Work not compliant with building consent 317(1) da Failed to supply certificate / record of work 317(1) h Misrepresented or worked outside competence 317(1) c Not licensed for class of work - not upheld
  • Summary: Negligence in failing to obtain a building consent for remedial building work post issue of code compliance certificate (CCC). Respondent also carried out building work contrary to building consent prior to issue of the CCC and worked outside of his competence in developing alternative solutions. Fined $3,000 and costs of $1,500.

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