Complaint No. C2-01123 - substantive penalty

  • Complaint number: C2-01123
  • Region: Omitted
  • Licence class: Carpentry
  • Decision date: 20 November 2015
  • Penalty: 318(1)d Censure 318(4) Pay costs
  • Disciplinary grounds: 317(1) b Negligent or incompetent work - not upheld 317(1) d Work not compliant with building consent - not upheld 317(1) da Failed to supply certificate / record of work
  • Summary: 317(1)(b) Negligent or incompetent work - 317(1)(d) Work not compliant with building consent - 317(1)da Failed to supply certificate / record of work - The complaint involved the repair of a leaky home under the FAP scheme – Some mould not treated and some was covered up – Some mould degraded timber was replaced – Some exterior sheathing edges were fixed or had fixing support – The Council required all work completed by the Respondent to be demolished back to existing framing position – Key witness unavailable – 317(1)(b) not upheld – 317(1)(d) not upheld – 317(1)(da)(ii) upheld – Extensive education programme has been undertaken to inform licensed persons of their obligation to provide records of work - At the time of the offending the Board’s awareness programme was in its inception – The Board is lenient on those who contravened during this time - 318(1)(f) Censured – 318(4) Pay costs $750.

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