Codes of ethics for LBPs and architects

The codes of ethics for LBPs and architects are similar, with each requiring practitioners to engage clearly, fairly and in good faith with clients throughout the entire process. However, there are some differences that set them apart from each other.

The LBP code of ethics places a significant responsibility on LBPs to maintain health and safety on the worksite, including reporting unsafe behaviour of others. This reflects the physical nature of the profession.

The architects’ code of ethics has obligations to protect the reputation of the profession, such as not criticising other registered architects in bad faith.

Although the LBP code of ethics itself does not place an ethical obligation on LBPs to uphold the reputation of the LBP scheme, it is worth noting that the Building Practitioners Board can discipline LBPs for acting in a way that brings the scheme into disrepute - this is outside of the LBP code of ethics.

Registered architects can do work in the Design class of the LBP scheme, so they can be deemed LBPs. If their conduct is subject to a complaint under the code of ethics, the matter will be referred to the Registered Architects Board to be addressed under that scheme.

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