Code of ethics resources

Code of ethics poster

Summary of the code of ethics in a printable format.

Summary code of ethics poster [PDF, 282 KB]

Detailed guidance document

This guidance document helps to navigate the code of ethics by providing more detailed explanations and practical examples of how an LBP’s behaviour aligns with their obligations.

Code of ethics guidance document [PDF, 773 KB]

Online learning module

This learning module is an interactive course to help LBPs understand the requirements of the code of ethics and what their obligations are under the code of ethics.

LBPs will receive 1 skills maintenance point for completing this module. LBPs must log into the module for it to count towards skills maintenance.

Learning module(external link) — Building Performance


On 1 September 2022, MBIE’s Building Performance team hosted a webinar about the new code of ethics for LBPs.

Access the recording(external link) — MBIE zoom


Screenshot of code of ethics video.

View transcript


Scene 1

A woman who is a homeowner is speaking to the camera as she walks along the driveway to her house. In the background, a licensed builder practitioner walks to his van to put some tools in the open boot.

As the woman is walking along her driveway she says: “We’ve recently worked with a licensed building practitioner to build our family home and we’re so happy with how it all went.”

Scene 2

The woman is sitting on the couch in her living room reading a book. She looks up from her book and says: “A code of ethics is now in place for licensed building practitioners.”

Scene 3

On a black background, the four principles of the code of ethics are listed. These are: Work safely, Follow the law, Take responsibility and Behave professionally.

As the four principles appear on the page, the woman says: “This will make sure they work safely, follow the law, take responsibility for their actions and behave in a professional way.”

Scene 4

The woman picks up two coffee cups from the kitchen bench and turns towards the kitchen door. As she picks up the coffee cups and turns, she says: “Our licensed building practitioner was trustworthy and professional.”

Scene 5

The woman and the licensed building practitioner are standing at the beginning of the driveway by the gate, each holding a cup of coffee. The woman says: “To learn more about the code of ethics, visit the licensed building practitioners’ website.”

Scene 6

The licensed building practitioners’ website ( is displayed on a black background with the licensed building practitioners’ logo at the top of the page.

Resource pack for industry groups

Below are links to articles and images for industry groups to use on their website and social media platforms. This will help raise awareness of the code of ethics among LBPs and homeowners who may commission an LBP to carry out, or supervise, building work.

Article - Introductory information on the code of ethics [DOCX, 235 KB]

Article - Detailed information on the code of ethics [DOCX, 287 KB]

Image for website 800x420 px [JPG, 145 KB]

Image for website 800x800 px [JPG, 207 KB]

Image for social media 1200x630 px [JPG, 255 KB]

LBP logo and text: Code of ethics. Nail it every time. familiarise yourself with the new code of ethics, effective from 25 October 2022. Work safely, act within the law, take responsibility for your actions, behave professionally.

Pending resources

Detailed guidance document in multiple languages

The code of ethics guidance document will be available in Chinese (Simplified), Hindi, Te Reo Māori, and Samoan.