Elective activities

As part of meeting your skills maintenance requirements, you also need to complete some elective activities. You need to complete a minimum number of hours of elective activities every 2 years. Each licence class has a set number of hours you need to do.

You can choose to do any activities that are useful to you and your work. They must relate to learning activities you’ve carried out — not just things that you’ve done — and they must be relevant to your licence class, for example: 

  • attending conferences
  • going to seminars, lectures and trade events
  • attending presentations and tutorials
  • subscribing to a trade magazine
  • taking courses or other formal studies
  • lecturing or teaching
  • publishing professional articles or research
  • performing a service to the industry
  • learning about workplace safety
  • mentoring
  • on-the-job learning.

If you attend an event or seminar run by a training provider or industry body, you can document it and describe what you learned from it using our Certificate of Learning form.


If you have more than 1 licence class, you can choose how to spend your time doing elective learning activities - you don’t have to split the hours equally between each licence.