Skills maintenance audits

Each year some LBPs will have their skills maintenance records checked as part of an audit, so it’s important you keep a record of the activities that you’ve completed. You can do this by either uploading your records online or keeping a paper copy on file.

Keeping a record of your skills maintenance activities.

If you’re being audited, we’ll contact you in advance to let you know:

  • what to expect from the audit process, and
  • what information we may ask you to provide.

Our auditors will:

  • examine your skills maintenance record to make sure it meets the requirements for your licence class or classes
  • ask questions about what you learned from doing the activities. This could be either the compulsory or elective activities, or both.

We may also ask you to provide extra evidence to support what's in your skills maintenance record. This could be:

  • photos
  • records or certificates of work
  • an email or letter from the person who organised or paid for an activity
  • inspection records
  • workplace safety certificates
  • minutes of meetings and attendance records
  • notices, notes or printed material from a meeting, workshop, lecture or discussion group
  • a diploma or certificate from a formal educational institution
  • a printed web page or photo of a publication cover
  • the link to an online training course
  • diary notes or documentation from on-the-job training, including:
    • notes from every time you attended a work induction or were mentored by someone you learned from
    • details of when and where you supervised an apprentice in training. Make sure you include the apprentice’s name and training number in your notes.

In some cases, you might need to provide details of a referee, or referees, who can confirm you’re still working in the industry.