Use of logo

The Licensed Building Practitioners (LBP) logo is the key element of the Licensed Building Practitioners scheme. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has strict guidelines about the reproduction and use of the logo.

The LBP logo provides confirmation that an individual has been assessed as competent by the Register of Licensed Building Practitioners. The display of the logo contributes to the public awareness of LBPs. It provides a quality mark, awareness, and trust through brand communication.

The LBP logo may only be used by:

  • Individual LBPs
  • A body corporate identified as being associated with an (LBP). Licensing is for individuals — bodies corporate must not promote themselves as being licensed, but may advertise that they engage LBPs.

You can read the terms and conditions for the use of the LBP logo below

Body corporates and companies

May only use the LBP logo if:

  • They regularly engage one or more LBPs
  • The body corporate or companies name appears on the LBP Register — this occurs when an LBP applicant identifies a body corporate it is associated with during the application process.
  • They comply with the terms and conditions of LBP logo use.

Architects, engineers and plumbers

Registered architects, Chartered professional engineers and Registered Plumbers, Gasfitters or Drainlayers are, for the purpose of carrying out Restricted Building Work, treated as though they are licensed but are unable to use the LBP logo.

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