Suspend or cancel your licence

You may request that your licence(s) be suspended or cancelled if your circumstances change.

Voluntary Suspension of Licensing

Beginning a Voluntary Suspension

You may request your licence (or classes of licence) be suspended by completing the Voluntary Suspension of Licence form below on this page. You will need to:

  • Submit the completed form 10 working days before your elected suspension start date; and
  • Pay the required fee of $50.00.

You can request that your licence is suspended for up to 2 years and you will need to continue to maintain your skills while your licence is suspended by completing your required Skills Maintenance.

Ending a Voluntary Suspension

You can revive your voluntarily suspended licence at any time by completing the Ending Voluntary Suspension of licence form. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to advise you of your requirements for uplifting your suspension. Please note that these requirements might include:

  • Paying all or some of a relicensing fee; and
  • Providing evidence of your skills maintenance activities while you have been on a voluntary suspension.

Voluntary Cancellation of Licensing

You may request your licence (or classes of licence) be cancelled by completing the Application for Voluntary Cancellation of licence class form below.

There is no fee to complete this, and you can request this at any time. You will need to send us the completed form.

If you voluntarily cancel your licence (or some classes or licence), you will no longer be licensed in those classes and will need to reapply in order to regain licensing.